When your body needs vital nutrition, the fastest way to administer it is through intravenous therapy. An IV can deliver vitamins directly into your bloodstream, bypassing your stomach and the whole digestive process.

Intravenous therapy has been widely used in medical facilities for decades. Dehydrated patients or individuals who are too sick to eat can be treated effectively with an IV. Advanced IV therapies today have now made it possible to restore depleted vitamins, rehydrate the body and improve how a patient feels.

IV Therapy in Houston

Intravenous therapies with vitamins are customized to target specific health concerns. At Foyé MD and Spa in Houston, TX IV therapy is offered to our patients to help restore health and wellness. There are a number of benefits to IV therapy, especially if you suffer from a chronic illness that isn’t responding to changes in your diet.

If you have been wanting to learn more about intravenous therapy in Houston, here are 10 major benefits to consider:

  • Guaranteed Vitamin Absorption: Certain medications and health conditions can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients. IV therapy makes it possible to get the vitamins you need quickly. The nutrients are completely absorbed into your bloodstream and utilized immediately.
  • Boost Your Energy: If you have been suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, or even the common cold, intravenous therapy can give your immune system the boost you need to help feel better.
  • Instant Rehydration: IV therapy in Houston, is the most effective way to deliver hydration to support the healthy function of all vital organs. Optimal hydration can help prevent such issues as constipation, muscle damage, and kidney stones.
  • Fast Treatment Times: Treatment can usually be completed in less than an hour.
  • Customized Treatments: Several types of IV therapy are available at Foyé MD and Spa including the Myers cocktail. This treatment contains vitamins such as magnesium, calcium and vitamins B and C, and is used for patients with allergies, fatigue, or muscle spasms. Customized IV therapies are based on vitamin deficiencies and wellness goals.
  • Reduced Reliance On Pills: Reduce your need for expensive supplements with customized IV treatments. At Foyé MD and Spa we work with you determine your nutritional needs and how often your need IV therapy.
  • Ideal Preventive Therapy: Therapeutic doses of certain vitamins can help prevent chronic conditions including migraines and respiratory illnesses. In addition, regular vitamin c therapy can help boost immunity and ward off cancer.
  • Immediate Results: It can take a couple of days to digest a meal and process nutrients. The effects of IV therapy start immediately. In a few short hours, you think more clearly, have more energy and experience a lift in your mood.
  • Great Choice For Athletes: Improve post-workout recovery times by replenishing lost nutrients with IV therapy in Houston. Active people often have muscle spasms, exhaustion, and tired muscles. IV treatments aid in recovery and provide proper hydration after sweating.
  • Fights The Effects Of Environmental Toxins: There is no way to escape environmental toxins. They are everywhere and they reap havoc on your appearance and your health. Intravenous therapy replenishes the antioxidants that protect against premature aging and help rid the body of harmful environmental toxins.

There are so many advantages to getting IV therapy, there is really nothing to lose by giving the restorative treatment a try. We offer many treatment varieties including detox therapy, vitamin c, and the popular Myers cocktail. To determine which IV therapy is right for you, call our Houston spa to schedule a consultation.