Erectile Dysfunction

What really does erectile dysfunction mean? According to the 2009 Encarta dictionary, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a medical condition that prevents a man from achieving an erection or maintaining one throughout sexual intercourse. This dysfunction has been a cause for the downfall of so many relationships and marriages. However, there are so many conditions that can be physically and psychologically associated with this embarrassing disorder some of which are blood flow complications, diabetes, heart disease, instabilities of the hormones and low testosterone. There are so many “myths” and fake theories that the older a man is, the more he is liable to contact erectile dysfunction but it should be noted that this rumour is misleading and not so true if you can be seek for medical advice and help. ED can be caused by several factors. When the penis relaxes as the brain triggers nerves in the penis enabling blood to flow and fill the open spaces in the spongy tissues. Increase in blood pressure allows the penis to enlarge and the membranes in the spongy tissue allows for the maintenance of the erection. When this process is interrupted, erection will not be sustainable for a long period during sexual intercourse. Although wen a man ages, he is said to lose a percentage of testosterone which can also attribute for one of the reasons for ED albeit it is treatable irrespective of age.

Although it seems like the use of Viagra seem to be the major solution to this disorder cum embarrassment but like the saying goes, “there are other better and more lasting ways to kill a rat other than the use of a rat poison.” The use of Viagra which seem like the major solution to erectile dysfunction but it is not without its side effects especially when the user gets addicted to it. Viagra can be addictive and when the user doesn’t have sexual issues anymore, they may begin to experience some temporary disturbances as a result of the effects the Viagra has on them. There are some play safe methods, most especially exercises which a person who is battling with erectile dysfunction can resort to, some of these exercises and many more are what Foye Med and Spa Houston, Texas advises all who seek advice on curing erectile dysfunction. Some of the exercises are;

1. Pelvic Exercise

It has been discovered that Pelvic exercises help to recover and gain back erectile functionality. This is further buttressed by a British university situated in the United Kingdom, University of the West. It was discovered that pelvic exercises assisted about forty percent in gaining back some erectile functionality while there was great improvement in the erectile functionality of about 33.6 percent more men. The exercise helps to improve the muscles and Pelvic floor exercises also strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. These kinds of exercises are better known as Kegel exercises. This kegel exercises are mostly prescribed for women after childbirth to help regain their muscle tone, it also helps promote sexual fervency in women and in men. It helps increase the sexual activeness in men by allowing erection get expanded with blood, pumping in the course of ejaculation. This process is due to the strength the bulbocavernosus muscle gains during the Kegel exercises. The urethra is also emptied after urination. Foye Med and Spa would help you in the best possible way in exercising your pelvic muscles to improve your sexual experience. Your pelvic floor can be better located while urinating and you won’t get a better Spa in Houston that would do this for you better than Foye Med and Spa in case you are having difficulties with the Kegel exercise.

2. Aerobic Exercise

One of the major reasons for having erectile dysfunction is that blood isn’t flow as it should to the penis and this can be caused by some medical disorders like Obesity, High Cholesterol, diabetes and other diseases which can affect the flow of blood. Simple exercises such as consistent quick walks between twenty to forty five minutes each day may have meaningful impact on erectile dysfunction because of the effects the exercise has on the increase in the blood pump in and out of the heart. Some adverts may trend about how to get quick healing through herbal mixtures and some creams or potion but they usually have bad aftereffects. This is why every patient needs a good consultancy and specialist just as it is offered in Foye Med and Spa in order to be able to combat this ailment and also avoid any form of bad advice that would only temporarily solve the problem but will leave the person battling with the repercussions. An aerobic exercise is a giant leap in winning the battle against ED and there is the assurance that a person who performs this exercise will see great improvement in his tackle against erectile dysfunction ove taking medications. There are several times when taking ED medications could have complications for example, it is a wrong step and not advised that a person who has heart problems should take ED medications and some people argue that several people who have ED are most likely to have heart related problems hence unless a person visits a good Med and Spa centre like Foye’s, he would be in the dark over these. Foye Med and Spa, Houston Texas helps an ED patient to know what medication or exercise is best to combat ED.

3. Speak with a specialist

It is usually said, that a problem shared is half solved and for everyone around the globe especially those resident in Houston Texas, Foye Med and Spa wants to ensure that your problems, medically related shared with us is fully solved. The best form of treatment for individuals will be rightly served because it is not what works for Peter that will also work for Paul. Every human is unique and therefore different thing works for different people. This is why it best to speak to a specialist in order to know what method is the best for you to employ.

Nothing really saddens a man like losing what actually makes him feel like a man that he is. It demoralises and causes emotional depression continually. The fact is that you don't have to go through all the pain and emotional trauma when there is way out available for you at Foye MD and Spa, Houston Texas. You can just take out time to visit us at our medical spa in Houston Texas, if you are within the state. It will be great to have you overcome it completely.

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