Skin rashes are not uncommon, it happens to babies and adults alike. Some skin rashes are dangerous and life threatening but these kinds of skin rashes are very rare while most skin rashes are not life threatening or precarious. Most of the skin rashes people have are not dangerous but they make a person’s body look rough and irritating depending on the severity of the skin rashes. When a person begins to discover skin rash on his or her body, the best thing to do is to seek immediate assistance. Seeking immediate assistance is why you need Lifesaver emergency room.

Symptoms of deadly skin rashes

There are few deadly rashes and a person must not be ignorant about what rashes are not dangerous and the rashes that are dangerous. Usually, one of the few ways of spotting dangerous rashes is that they are spread over the entire body. The rashes most times look abnormal. They have effects on the skin and are also spotted affecting the moist linings in the body passages which contains cells that secrete mucus; it can also be called mucous membranes. These mucous membranes that can be affected are usually the moist linings of the eyes, mouth, nose and even the vagina (for females), penis (for males) and anus openings.

What rashes are deadly?

Some dangerous diseases have skin rashes as their symptoms. These skin rashes also usually have the symptoms mentioned above. When a person begins to notice skin rash on his or her body, the best thing is to go to the best and nearest emergency room and in Houston, Texas the best and nearest is the Lifesaver emergency room where any form of rash and deadly disease will be dealt with. When a person has a deadly or dangerous rash, it may be symptoms to one of these life threatening diseases. They are

  1. Toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN)
  1. Toxic shock syndrome (TSS)
  1. Pemphigus vulgaris (PV)
  1. Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS)
  1. Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome (SSS)

Rashes doesn’t necessarily mean a person is suffering from one of these diseases but it means that the person should quickly come to Lifesaver emergency room to get the best check-up and treatment as soon as possible.


A blister contains fluids. They involve a swelling of the skin; sometimes, blisters are painful. Usually, rashes have blisters accompanying them and these blisters are found on top of the rashes. Blisters are usually symptoms of a serious rash. Rashes usually come with blisters and the blisters contain the thin layer in the outer of the skin. Some blisters may be big while some are tiny ranging from as small as a centimetre to as big as five centimetres. These blisters may be edgy and full of liquid when they first appear; later on, they begin to loosen up before bursting open. It can hurt sometimes when it breaks open and the underlying skin is usually moist when this happens. It later dries up as time goes on and then gets covered up with skin.

How blisters spread

These blisters can be annoying and irritating as they come with the rash and the victim of the rash and blister may be tempted to scratch the skin beside it because there are times when it feels itchy. The itching blisters are a trap and once the victim of the blisters start to scratch them, it is then the blisters are licensed to begin to expand their territory. Pressing the blisters as well as scratching the skin beside the blister makes the blisters larger and this is the start of a skin disorder.

Effects of rashes and blisters

Rashes as well as blisters may cause skin disorders if not well looked into. Why do you need a good emergency room to help you with skin rashes and blisters? Where can you get a good emergency room near you in Texas or Houston, Texas? Lifesaver emergency room is the best ER in Texas for these types of disturbing and uncomfortable disorders. When blisters and rashes are fully blown, it can begin to spoil your skin, which is why you need to visit lifesaver emergency room as quickly as you begin to notice any of these symptoms.

Blisters may be usually in the mucous membranes and once this happens, it may be a person may not notice this especially when it happens in the mouth region. This is because they usually break easily when it is in the mouth and once it breaks it can be very painful making it difficult to eat or talk. When it occurs beside the eyes region, opening your eyes wide, twitching and blinking your eyes may be uncomfortable as well as very painful. The pain that accompany blisters in the mucous membrane regions shows how essential it is to take care of yourself and report to the nearest emergency room near you in Texas.

How can skin rashes be prevented?

Prevention is always better than cure and Lifesavers ER care about everyone staying safe and healthy. Rashes and blisters have some measures that can be taken to prevent it, some of them are;

  1. Reduce stress: Stress can be a cause of rashes due to sweat majorly and a reduction in the amount of stress a person undergoes daily can help prevent rashes.
  2. Frequently moisturize: dry skins can be a source of rashes and this means that when the skin is wet and moist, then the likelihood of rashes is minimal
  3. Avoid things that scratch: the mire a person scratches the body, the more the likelihood of spread if rashes if there exists an iota of it and if there is no rashes, itching can cause lumps and bumps on the face which will invite rashes.


Rashes may look innocent to the eye but not paying attention to it can be risky and dangerous. Most rashes are not dangerous but some can be life threatening. Preventing and curing rashes before they get out of hand is essential and that is why Lifesaver ER is always there to help against any form of rash. No need to find the best ER near me or the best emergency room in Texas, Lifesaver Houston Texas will help cure and prevent your rashes as quickly and as simple as possible.