As the shift toward organic and vegan beauty products continue to build momentum, the main selling point of many beauty products is that they are natural; as in, they are cultivated or farmed biologically. But, how “natural” is your product, and why is “natural” an indicative safety net against all harmful ingredients? Let’s empower ourselves and breakdown the current commercial trends of the “natural” movement.

Over the next several months will be posting a series of blogs that will breakdown the top natural beauty product selling points we see in the beauty and wellness industry today. The first one: “No Parabens”.

Parabens are a natural preservative that protect against fungus and bacteria. It’s a natural enzyme that comes from carrots, mangos, olives cucumbers and a few more fruits and veggies we know of. Our bodies also naturally produce parabens to aid in digestion.

However, when it is extracted and put into beauty products, studies have shown that it causes pre-mature aging in some people and dries out our hair. Nevertheless, these studies are inconclusive, and the scientific opinion is still being formed about the overall effects of parabens in beauty products.

Empower yourself and see the effects of parabens on your own body. Take two weekends and compare a paraben free shampoo and conditioner with one you’ve been using for years. See the difference after a week between each wash and judge for yourself the pros and cons off the bandwagon of commercialism.