You wake up to a beautiful Saturday morning, give your back a nice stretch, run your hands down your face and suddenly realize that you haven’t have a good exfoliation in a while. After a quick mental nod to your “lack-thereof” budget, you forgo making an appointment with your favorite esthetician and decide this weekend will be your personal pampering session.

Upon review of your robust skin care inventory you come to a lingering pause as you weigh pros and cons between several different washes and moisturizers. Many of them claim, “sulfate-free”. But you remember the satisfying results from before. Or was it satisfying? Were there any unfortunate after-effects that you forgot about? What’s so bad about sulfates anyway? What are sulfates?

Good for you! You are on the right track with this myriad of questions. That’s the first step toward taking control over what products to use for your skin. Ask the questions that pertain to your skin. What are sulfates?

Sulfates are a salt compound used to make beauty products “sudsier”. They’re added to make the cleaning power more potent. It’s been a consensus that it causes dry irritated skin. If in fact this is the case because studies are inconclusive, then you must ask, “Will this product dry out my skin?” “Do I suffer from dry or oily skin?” Choose sulfate-free because it’s right for you, not because it is campaigned.

The fact is, the concentration of sulfates in skin cleansers are average 1% compared to the higher levels found in shampoo and other cleaning products. If you have oily skin, then sulfates may benefit you. Try it out for yourself and see what happens. Don’t take the advertisement at face value.