The most natural process of life is growing older. With increasing age, we find that certain parts of our body begin to change. One big part of these changes includes the way we view ourselves, and the way our skin reacts to advancement in years. By age 40, our skin stops producing collagen and elastin within it starts to degrade. This leaves our skin looking more wrinkled and saggy, and as this process advances, development of jowls and loose skin around our neck and jawline can really take a great toll on how we view ourselves, and can adversely affect our emotional well-being. One way to fix this problem is via thread lifting. In this article, we will discuss exactly what thread lifting is, and why it may be the answer to all of your problems.

Why Does it Happen?

As stated above, as we grow older in years, certain aging processes begin to happen that can leave us with poor self-image. However, thread lifting has been used now for several years. in the years before, thread lifting was performed using permanent suture material, which led to problems as the skin around the threads continue to age that expose the permanent thread. Nowadays, thanks to advancements in technology and techniques, thread lifting as much safer and there are equally effective threads that are absorbable in the skin. These absorbable threads are associated with much fewer complications than previous versions, and are quickly gaining popularity as they’re able to provide a subtle lift without requiring invasive facelift surgery.

How Can You Fix It?

By contacting us at our new office in Houston Texas, we can lend advice as to how to fix the problem at hand. Whether it be by a skin lifting therapy, or by other means, we work tirelessly to ensure that you are giving the care you need when you need it the most. At our med spa, we not only work topically, but we also work to treat the problem at the source. Whatever issues you may find concerning your skin and your health, you can most likely find a solution at our office. We at Foyé MD and Spa in Houston, TX can’t wait to meet you and help you gain back the confidence you deserve.