Immunization, which can also be called vaccination, is the act of making someone resistant to some certain disease. Just like its adjective which is “immune”. It means a person is immune or safe from some certain things, laws or principles.

How does immunization work?

Immunization works by using a small quantity of a weak or already dead virus and bacteria, it could also be proteins manufactured in the laboratory which can emulate the virus; the sole aim of this is for the manufactured viruses and bacteria to stop infection by that same virus. This is used as a form of trigger in the body so that the immune system of the body will respond by producing antibodies that can combat that virus or if the body can’t produce an antibody to fight the virus, the body system will prompt other processes to in order to boost immunity against that virus or bacteria. This equips your immune system in combatting and fighting any form of infection that can be caused by that virus or organism. Immunization helps to prevent the disease or at times, it may reduce how serious or severe its effect can be in the body.

Why get immunized?

The ultimate goal is to limit the number of people getting infected, getting sick and dying. Prevention is always better than cure and it is usually much more expensive to cure than it is to prevent. The aim of immunization is to protect an individual or individuals from sickness or disease infection. Common diseases like measles, mumps, whooping cough, tetanus and so on are a few of the diseases that have had their effects drastically reduced through immunization over the years. Polio and Small pox also belong to the category of diseases that are going extinct through the work of immunization.

How many times do I need to be immunized?

Lifesaver Emergency, Houston Texas will ensure that you or your children get immunized as appropriately. There are times when the immunization is once and for all, there are also some vaccines that will need to be followed by consistent “updates” that will keep boosting and maintaining the level of protection against the diseases. Knowing what dosage of immunization you need and the interval it should be given for proper effectiveness is why you need the best hands around. The best that can help you with immunization in and around Texas is Lifesaver Emergency.

Children Immunization

When children are about to be enrolled in the school, crèche or day care; some schools ask for proof of immunization before offering the child an admission. Updating the vaccination of your children in this case is however compulsory as it could hinder your child early access to education. Another benefit of immunizing your children is because as said earlier, it shields them from diseases that could damage their health sooner or later.

Recommended immunizations for children

Children who are about 0 to 6 years old and are not immunized are at risk of contracting some diseases and some of the immunizations a child should be given are;

  1. Hepatitis B

      2. Influenza

     3. Measles, mumps, rubella

     4. Pneumococcal

     5. Varicella (chickenpox)

     6. Rotavirus

     7. Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis

     8. Haemophilus influenzae type B

    9.  Poliovirus

The diseases that are listed with the inclusion of Hepatitis A and Meningococcal pose a great risk to the health of children and if not taken care of will haunt them in the future. These diseases have unfortunately taken the lives of children down the years and if not properly looked into, it will sadly continue taking the lives of people. It is important to always ensure your children take their immunizations as at when due. If there is a time when your children miss their vaccines, they can still have it another time; the best times to catch up with any missed vaccines will be told to the parents when they visit Lifesaver emergency. The best immunization schedule will also be told our clients at Lifesaver emergency.

Negative effects of Immunizations

There is hardly anything that is a hundred percent good and immunization is also not without its side effects. These effects should not rub off all the very wonderful advantages that follow immunization. The side effects are very minimal and trivial. Some of the side effects include low fever and also discomfort around the site of the injection. These effects have very temporary effects; the fever only usually makes the children feel uncomfortable. Some children may also have allergic reactions to vaccines and this may get them nervous. Lifesaver emergency room has the necessary equipment to cater for such cases. The risks of immunization are nothing compared to the benefits it brings to the table. Lifesaver ER is one of the best around and it educates parents and clients alike about the benefits and how to handle the side effects of immunizations.


Immunizations are very effective; it is known to be about ninety percent effective in dealing with the diseases listed earlier. For those wondering about where to get top consultants and helpers when it comes to issues surrounding immunizations in or around Texas especially people of Houston, Lifesaver emergency room in Houston, Texas are the best place to go. There are times when a child may not may not be fully immunized but that is the more reason to get them immunized so that those who could not be immunized will be placed on special care to help the child overcome whatever disease may want to take advantage of that. Also, a child who couldn’t be fully immunized still has a better chance while combating several of these diseases than someone who wasn’t immunized. Some fears about vaccination causing autism or the preservative thimerosal making immunization risky and also that vaccines are unnecessary against rare disease shouldn’t be taking too seriously. Lifesaver emergency room, Houston Texas is the best place near you to answer your questions and put all your fears to rest. Immunizations are essential and important.